Master Your Life

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Power of Circles


How to switch from Survival Mode to Living & Problem Solving Mode


Unhelpful & Painful Symptoms

Are you tired of feeling trapped in an endless loop of restrictive diets, addictions, and unhealthy habits?

How about feeling stuck in a never-ending cycle of survival reactions of fight, flight, freeze, and constantly trying to please others in your relationships?

Or maybe you find yourself caught up in deep emotional attachments without finding a balance between caring for others and pursuing your own desires?

Do you feel stuck in relationships although you know it is not working or feeling intense prolonged pain after a breakup or divorce?

And let’s not forget the exhausting rollercoaster of mood swings, ranging from anxiety and anger to shame, guilt, and depression.


Although these symptoms may seem unrelated, they are all just the outcomes and emotional consequences of living in a perpetual state of ‘protest mode’ instead of ‘acceptance and problem-solving mode’.

Many people tend to solely focus on the symptoms, wondering why the cycle never seems to end or breaking habits seems impossible. If you’re ready to finally live the life you truly deserve, it’s crucial to gain insight into how your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors function. Mechanism takes precedence over content. Even the most overwhelming thoughts and emotions have a fleeting lifespan of approximately 90 seconds. However, an unbroken cycle of thinking and feeling can create a turbulent rollercoaster, leaving you with suffocating feelings and unhelpful resultant behaviors.

The Root Problem:

Survival Mode Reactions

We often find ourselves reacting in survival mode, both consciously and unconsciously. Similar to animals who feel threatened, we tend to perceive the world, situations, individuals, or challenges as threats. This mindset can manifest in two ways: resisting discomfort or clinging to mental demands and commands about how reality ‘should’ be. Since reality does not unfold as demanded, it is perceived as a psychological threat. When triggered, we react in fight, flight, freeze, or fawn survival reactions.

These reactions can take various forms, such as overeating, alcohol consumption, smoking, fluctuating relationships, or even undergoing never-ending therapy. However, these coping reactions do not serve us well. They prevent us from focusing on our true desires as we become consumed by the pain we wish to avoid or the things we believe are necessary for survival or happiness.

The Solution:

The Power of Circles

We have the ability to shift from survival mode to truly living in the moment and problem-solving mode.

However, achieving this requires the tools to self-regulate emotionally and get in touch cognitively with reality. This breaks the cycle of our thinking-emotional-behavioral cycle. It allows us to fully embrace living in the moment and determine what we truly want. Otherwise, we constantly defend, escape, freeze, or people-please.

You will learn how to be present with any feelings without resistance. You will learn to let go of what is out of your control and dispute underlying demanding beliefs. You will return to your own power and decide and get what you really want. These are not just motivational words but a clearly defined system for actually doing it.

This system really shines because you will learn complex and researched principles through cool and simple circle images.
There is something that happens in the mind when you learn visually.
Mental images are at the root of irrational beliefs and emotional disturbances, and so rational images can be very powerful in disputing irrational beliefs and removing emotional disturbances going forward.

I am truly excited for you as you learn the power of circles for the first time.
It is like your favorite TV show of all time and a good friend has not watched it yet.
You almost feel a healthy dose of jealousy that the friend gets to have the experience for the first time, but you are happy to share the love.


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